Authorizing access to the admin panel with multiple email domains

Oct 9, 2022
Admin panel, FAQ

Sometimes you may need to assign multiple email domains to access to Filament/Admin, if so, you can get access by this small trick.

Create an array of email addresses you need

namespace App\Models;
use Filament\Models\Contracts\FilamentUser;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\User as Authenticatable;
class User extends Authenticatable implements FilamentUser
// ...
protected $emailList = [
// ...

Create a function which will split full email address to before @ and after

// ...
public function getEmailDomain($email){
$array = explode('@', $email);
return $array[1];

In function canAccessFilament() change to in_array() method

// ...
public function canAccessFilament(): bool
return in_array($this->getEmailDomain($this->email),$this->emailList);

That's all. Also, you can create a resource to control the domain list and retrieve such configuration dynamically from Db without hardcoding it in class.

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