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by Lance Armah-Abraham

Admin panel

Create hints for your Filament pages that can serve as a guideline for users.


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Filament Page Hints for Filament Admin Panel

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Create hints for your Filament pages that can serve as a guideline for users. You can create hints for each page and it will open a sidebar when the user clicks on it to view hints for a page.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require discoverlance/filament-page-hints


To quickly get started, you can install the package config, migration and optionally run the your migrations with the commmand:

php artisan filament-page-hints:install

You can publish and run the migrations with:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="filament-page-hints-migrations"
php artisan migrate

Optionally, you can publish the config file with:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="filament-page-hints-config"

This is the contents of the published config file, find options such as setting a different table name, and updating the icon and class used for styling parts of the hint feature.

return [
* Filament page table
'table_name' => 'filament_page_hints',
* This is the icon of the hint button in the topbar
'hint_icon' => 'heroicon-o-question-mark-circle',
* The class of the hint button can be changed here
'hint_class' => 'w-5 h-5 cursor-pointer text-gray-800 dark:text-white',
* Creating or updating a hint button color can be changed here
'upsert_hint_button_color' => 'success',
'delete_hint_button_color' => 'warning',
* Use this option to control whether you want to show the page hint resource in the navigation.
'show_resource_in_navigation' => true,
* Rich Text Editor used for hints toolbar buttons can be edited here.
'toolbar_buttons' => [

Optionally, you can publish the views using

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="filament-page-hints-views"

Optionally, you can publish the translations using

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="filament-page-hints-translations"


To show hints in the application for users to access, you will need to have at least published your migration. You can change the table name using the config option:

'table_name' => 'filament_page_hints'

Add a new Hint

To add a new hint:

  • Click on the hint icon on the topbar.
  • Click on New Hint.
  • Fill in the form to create a new hint.

You can update the RichEditor component's toolbar used for the hint in your config option ('toolbar_buttons' => [...])

Edit a hint

To edit a hint:

  • Click on the hint icon on the topbar.
  • Click on Edit Hint.
  • Make your updates and submit the form.

Edit a hint

To delete a hint:

  • Click on the hint icon on the topbar.
  • Click on Delete Hint.

Store and Seed database with page hints

As a convienient helper, you can run the command php artisan filament-page-hints:seeder and it will load all your current page hints into a seeder class, database\seeder\PageHintSeeder.

NOTE: If you have quotes, like single quote in your hint from the database, you might have to fix this more manually with escape (/). I was not able to find a way to fix that so for now as even addslashes was adding double // instead of one /, so ensure that after you generate your seeder class, you check the $allPageHints array (json) to make sure there are no issues with quotes.

Adding permissions to hint operations

Because there's not a global method for assigning permissions in filament admin panel as you might be using filament-shield or a different package to handle your user permissions, for now, this is a suggestive approach to handling this:

You can mostly do this in the blade:

// First publish the views _if you have not already done_ so with the command:
php artisan vendor:publish --tag="filament-page-hints-views"

An example to restrict the create action with create_hints permission will be:

// `views/vendor/filament-page-hints/components/modal/actions.blade.php`
// hide the create action
<div {{ $attributes }}>
... // other blade code here
// `views/vendor/filament-page-hints/page-hints.blade.php`
// also hide the create/edit modal
<x-filament::modal id="create-hint" width="xl">
... // other blade code here

If you want to also hide the edit/delete actions, you can do so in the views/vendor/filament-page-hints/components/modal/index.blade.php


composer test


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